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In summer of 1990, after hard work they release their first and only demo called ROTATION OF INSANITY. The music-style, pure DEATH/THRASH, is rather interesting. Influences coming from DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, SODOM and PESTILENCE, give the band a rather typical profile of a rather fast and brutal band. ACID DEATH`s line-up finally becomes stable including: Savvas-Jake B.(bass-vocals), Dennis C.(lead guitars), Themis C.(rhythm guitars) and Costas T.(drums). The band signs on MOLON LAVE rec for two releases. First is out in spring of 1993. The 7’ EP called APATHY MURDERS HOPE. The style is fast DEATH METAL with some PROGRESSIVE influences. This first vinyl-release gives the band a very good name in Underground. Everyone keeps an eye on them in Greece and abroad. The second release on MOLON LAVE rec is a split-LP together with AVULSED from Spain. Everyone could see the differences between APATHY... and this stuff. The music-style is pure American DEATH METAL with a powerful production.
After one year preparation, the band records and releases it`s fourth official release. It is a new full-length CD, titled RANDOM`S MANIFEST, released on BLACK LOTUS RECS. The new songs are faster and harder than ever with the clearer and powerful production the band ever made. Facing enough problems with the artwork which was censored as one of the most filthy and violent ones, ACID DEATH give their best on everything in this recording. There are all the progressive elements included in their PIECES OF MANKIND CD together with a rather American way of reaching DEATH METAL. The band starts working on new material for their 5th full-length release. As a five-member band now, by inserting a new member, Babis Katsionis on keyboards, they are on the way to create something more nightmarish, something that everyone will remember for ever...Only time will tell...

interview with Savvas-Jake on 2-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Yes! My name is Savvas-Jake B. I’m 29 years old, and I play bass and make the vocals in Acid Death. My profession is computer engineer. As you know having a death metal band seems you have to work for living, so do I!. also I’m very pretty (hehehehehe!!!!!!)

What is it like to been around from 1990?
It’s like to run for your life! We love our band and we try to built up our name all these years. We faced many problems, especially with our ex-labels, this is very important, you know to have a good label behind you and not an asshole who tries only to get some money from you or even worse who thinks that he makes his best and in fact he makes shit. Also, one of the most important problems and not only for us, was the millitary services

Did you have to go in the army? And was it a waste of time?
Yes. All of us had to go to the army. Here in Greece things are different from the rest of Europe. You have to go to the army and It’s only a waste of time. We had to stop the band for 2,5 years in a very critical point ofus and this changed everything. I wish I’ve never had to go to the army...

Try to descibe the kind of metal Acid Death plays?
Our music is, as we describe it, today`s death metal. The base is American death metal with many other influences, such as gothic, fusion and industrial. We like this mix and we hope the fans have the same opinion on this.

Do you read a newspaper on the toilet?
No! Usually I don’t have enough free time for jokes like this!!!

Any plans to release the first three releases? Or are they collectors items?
Black Lotus Recs, our label, will re-release our “Apathy Murders Hope” 7’ep and “Misled” stuff from the split LP with Avulsed in 2002. I don’t know many details right now. Our first priority at the moment is our new full-length CD, which will be out in November 2001.

Do you collect vinyls or CDs?
I’m a fanatic vinyl collector! I have about 1500 vinyls from every kind of rock. I’m very proud for it. in fact I hate cds. This is clear just because I have only about 100-120 CDs in my house, although I have a CD-writer!

What are your favourite bands?
We have many favourite bands from maky kinds of music. first from death metal, Death, Carcass, Obituary, Morbid Angel, from progressive Dream Theater, Sieges Even, from industrial- let’s say, Ministry, from hard rock Kansas, Toto...

Which music makes you jump out of a driving car?
Reggae music! I really hate this shit!!!

Ever been on a holiday outside Greece?
I’ve been in Berlin some years before and in London the previous winter. Great times...

What do you think about censoring your latest coverartwork?
I’ve seen more brutal things in a CD or record-cover. I really never understood this censoring! This created us a lot of trouble, because “Random’s Manifest” CD never distributed in some areas...

What do you find disgusting to watch?
Everything that has to do with car-accidents. You know, I had a traumatic experience some years before...

Any interest for sport, literature, sex?
My only interest except my work is music. Nothing more nothing less!

Can you make a mousaka meal yourself?
Yes, if I’ll try my best! Do you like mousaka????

Any plans to release new material? And touring Europe/America?
Well, as I told you we’ll release our new full-length cd in November. we’ll start record it in September. after It’s circulation we’ll prepare some live-shows in Greece first and abroad later.

Do you say a prayer before going to sleep?

Are you superstitious?
Not really...I just take enough care of myself.

Last rites?
Thank you for this interview.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 2, 2001
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