The band was formed in 1999 by the will of the guitar player Nicolas and the bass guitarist Max with the name of ’Devoured by Vermin’. As every new band, they spent the beginnings composing and reharsing their material and tons of covers,while many musicians entered and left the band because of various problems. In the same year the band decides, thanks to the help of some friend, to record a three-trax promotape but the sound quality was too low to publish it as a promo. In the May of 2000 the vocalist Seb (a long time friend of Nicolas), the drummer Raphael and, after a couple of months, the new axeman Nick joined the band, that changed the name in Abiura (in italian,the act of who denies his creed) 'cause the old one was considered restrictive for the sound they were trying to obtain. The group renewed the songs with up-to-date arrangements, this time thanks to the efforts of all the members. In the late summer of 2000 Abiura started to play live having the chance to improve under the musical and, at the same time, scenical point of view, encouraged by positive comments everywhere. The band has now recorded ’Nursery rhimes for the unborn’, the first official promo featuring 4 killer Obscure Death Metal songs and a video track, a sum of their work during these years. Anyway stay tuned, 'cause the best is yet to come...

interview with Raphael on 23-12-01

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My Name is Raph, I'm 19 years old and I play drums.

Why choose an Italian bandname?
Because it sounded cool and we think that this name is more personal than others....it's an original monicker.

Aren't you afraid people can't pronounce it in the right way?
No, I'm not afraid....and our name is easy to pronounce!

Why did you started to play drums? Any inspirations?
I started to play drums 2 years ago... I don't remember why! One day I went to the house of a friend and he showed me his drum....I loved it....after some month, I started to study drums and practice with his drum...

What is the fun of playing Death Metal?
We love death metal....it's fun destroying all with the music....it's fun doing something that you really really like!

How do you keep in shape for the fast drumming?
Just playing drums and trying to be always more fast (in the promo I think I'm not very fast.. I can do it much better now!)

Why can't I sell your promo copy?

What kind of covers did you play in the beginning?
Lycanthropy (Six Feet Under), Enemy Inside (Six Feet Under), Suffer the children (Napalm Death), Multinational Corporations (Napalm Death).

Still play covers when you rehearse?
Yes but we don't play the Six Feet Under songs anymore

How many times and for how long do you rehearse pro week?
2 times.... 2 hours the first time...and 4 / 5 hours the second time

Why are the numbers short in time?
Sorry ..I don't understand your question!

Do you prefer swedish or us Death Metal? Your fav bands?
US DEATH METAL! Suffocation, Nile, Krisiun, Cannibal Corpse, Undertakers, Exhumed and many many more....

For what can they wake you up in the middle of the night?
No one can wake me up in the middle of the night....when I'm sleeping nothing can disturb me!

Why did you shoot the video in this strange size?
The man who make the video is a motherfucker who stole us money for a work He didn't end.....

Do you think a video is a big value to the band image?
If someone puts the video on TV...sure!

What is your fav porn website?
www.juicyboobs.com (but there are a lot of good porn sites!)

Do you like reading books, comics, mags?
Yes....Horror books of course!

What the hell is the person saying in the last song?
Ehehehe....It's a Dialogue taken from a movie: ’la casa dalle finestre che ridono’ of Pupi Avati, it's all about rites based upon human sacrifices!

You think you can progress your work in te future? And how?
Sure that we can.....the promo is only the beginning..Now we're really different....we're another band! We are more fast and more brutal...we're playing Good and on the next 7’ you'll see what we're now (it's the normal evolution for every band!)

Where do you get inspiration from? Do you save your ideas?
Paul Bostaph (ex Slayer), Max from Krisiun, Amilcar Cristofao (from Torture Squad), and Inferno (Behemoth)..and Bylly Cobham (he is too good...incredible....). I save my ideas always when I think they're good....

Will you ever write the perfect orgasmic song?
I hope that I will write it very soon!

Do you mention me in the thankslist on the next album?

Last rites?
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 23, 2001
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