Whipstriker/Power From Hell - Brazilian Bestial Attack

Brazilian Bestial Attack
Track Listing: 

  1. Whipstriker – Intro (Hail To Macabre Warriors)
  2. Whipstriker - Midnight, Sex & Wine
  3. Whipstriker – Christ Under Whip
  4. Whipstriker - Morbid Dogs
  5. Whipstriker – Sign Of Cruelty
  6. Whipstriker – It’s Time To Kill Your God
  7. Power From Hell – Behind Convent Walls
  8. Power From Hell – Fornications Rites
  9. Power From Hell – Clestial Orgy
  10. Power From Hell – Eternal Pleasure (Antichrist)



This is a split release between Whipstriker and Power From Hell. Dealing with Whipstriker first, this is a one man band who does everything (whipstriker – also a member of Diabolic Force and Farscape) with a session drummer and produces a black thrash/punk barrage of quality tunes. Although there is not any individual defining characteristics with the tracks on offer, they are what you would expect from this genre and therefore it is a pretty safe bet that you will like them. The production breathes some life in these old dogs that is accomplished with tracks like ‘Morbid Dogs’, accomplished in being gnarly and aggressive that is. ‘Sign of Cruelty’ further delves into Whipstriker’s black heart and brandishes more Venom tendencies at its start and continues in a similar vein to that of early Sodom and far too many other influences to mention whilst maintain a dirty punk attitude.

Power From Hell on the other hand has a much more murky recording quality, I was half expecting a pure old Onslaught influence based on the name, but this is not strictly the case. Opening with ‘Behind Convent Walls’ this sounds more modern, you know, reverb led vocals, gargling nasty borrowed bestial riffs and tempos, but it is not a bad tune that is not what I am trying to say, it is a nasty piece of unholy black thrash that retains the genres stat’s to the letter. Further into the four tracks from Power From Hell (another solo musician), ‘Clestial Orgy’ and the former ‘Fornications Rites’ presents the same sort of premise. It would have been nice if the tempo changed once in a while as I find a lot of this merging as expected into one memorable beastly attack of the antichrist. 

On the whole, this split release is an evil anti-Christian release that will be right up any black thrashers street, Power From Hell have more leanings towards BDSM and extreme forms of pleasure, but Whipstriker, no doubt through past experience, presents the better half of this package. I am never sure of the value of split releases other than to introduce the listener to other bands they may not have bothered with in the past, but for these two Brazilian bands/artists, it would be fair to say you get what you will expect. Nasty Venom worship and black thrash that has tempo and aggression that stirs even the most blackened hearted individual to raise their studded fist and smash the nearest EMO fans face in.


Label Name: 
Cianeto Discos (CD)/Fuck The Mainstream Recs (tape) /Dying Victims Prod (LP)