Voidhanger - Wrathprayers

Track Listing: 

  1. Wrathprayer
  2. Skin The Lambs
  3. Son Of Cain
  4. Dead Whore’s Corpse
  5. Sentenced To Fall
  6. Daughter Of Filth
  7. Void
  8. The Vampire Of Beuthen
  9. Carnivorous Lunar Activities


From the first infantile notes of the title track, these Pole’s give me the impression that they mean business, and that this will be entertaining. There is a stark reality, a smack in the face level of brutality. The way this blackened death/thrash metal music has been recorded leaves no doubt in your mind to its vibrancy, its impact. The guitar chord runs sound effortless, as does Warcrimer’s vocals (also of Infernal War – as is Zyklon on guitars and bass). The music does sound like countrymen Witchmaster, there is a constant barrage of evil nastiness and when some of the groove hits you like that on ‘Daughter of Filth’, you cannot fail to be moved into a frenzied state of consciousness. 

When it is done well, this genre covers all bases, there is a perfect recorded mix, Voidhangers songs go places and fulfil almost every corner of the who’s who in the Polish metal scene, and to that end I mean musically. ‘Dead Whore’s Corpse’ uses black metal chord progressions with a thunderous backbone assault from the drums, chugging away in between the punishing expulsions of evil gory glory. ‘The Vampire of Beuthen’ features more attacking kick drum work and a battle call slaughter of guitar riffs that feature prominently as part of the main structure of the arrangement. Just when you think it’s all over, the blackened thrash element of speed and groove for want of a better word takes you further into the stratosphere and this is really pinpointed in the production. However, without the songs to back up this level of professionalism, there would be no point.

Voidhanger are placed in a genre with many also ran bands, playing similar styled music, Voidhanger have an added bonus with satanic gore soaked themes and musically they practice the art of epic nasty and harsh arrangements to provide (a self-quotation from their website) “an unholy devastation”, it is this devastation that is the key, you are pummelled to the ground with every second of this album, don’t say you have not been warned!

Label Name: 
Witching Hour Productions