The Modern Age Slavery - Requiem For Us All

Requiem For Us All
Track Listing: 

1. Requiem For Us All
2. The Dawn Prayer
3. Obedience
4. The Silent Death Of Cain
5. Master Ivory Cage
6. Opiate Of The Masses
7. Slaves Of Time
8. Icon Of A Dead World
9. To My Nation
10. Arise



I have the pleasure to have in my hands the last album from this Italian band formed in 2007, The Modern Age Slavery, with a debut album called "Damned to Blindness" (2008), and after having shared stages with internationally known bands across Europe as Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Malevolent Creation, Vomitory, Decapitated, or Suffocation, today we have their second piece entitled "Requiem for Us All".

This album is for me a true demonstration of quality, in a really hard to run kind of music, as it`s the technical death metal, and in which very few bands are able to highlight a little attention, this is a well-oiled machine war, aggression is very present in every compositions, and it is noteworthy that we can find the use of melodies, as in the song 'The Silent Death Of Cain' but perfectly located so as not to abuse them, which is welcomed in a band like this!

With possessed Blast Beats and an instrumental composition of the highest quality in all aspects, and unpredictable changes of rhythm, we also have songs like 'Requiem For Us All', the one that opens and gives the title of this work, or 'Master Ivory Cage', which makes a very entertaining listen.

The synchronization among all instruments is so powerful, well executed and, above all, well produced, it really costs to opt for any particular song, my personal recommendation is to listen to the entire work. In the end I found a pleasant surprise, it is "Arise" a cover version of Sepultura perfectly adapted for the occasion!

Honestly, as a final assessment, I have no other thoughts but think that with proposals like this, the future of extreme metal is safe and insured.


Label Name: 
Pavement Entertainment