The Downspiral To Hell - Thorn

Track Listing: 

1. extreme noise overflow
2. me and the monster inside
3. attacking words
4. procession of dark choir
5. relief.... oblivion
6. just a hollow in my brain
7. a white feather raven
8. the ethereal mist
9. in ashes
10. inspired by the moon
11. the astral madness
12. memories of dying


This is the first CD from The Downspiral to Hell (Spain). This 2 man project existing from synthesizers, guitars and vocals take us to a journey through their dark creative minds. Experimental songs with uptempo beats and blasting drums together with guitars attacking you like a thunderstorm. Riffs and songstructures are taking you from one chapter into the other and are layered with some alienating synthesizer loops and melodies as from crazy and experimental to classical and illuminating. Vocals complete darkness and obscurity with haunting moarns and demonic screams... Really inventive and experimental stuff for dark yet open minds...

Label Name: 
Self released