The Descent - Dimensional Matters

Dimensional Matters
Track Listing: 

  1. The Web of Lies
  2. Sacred War
  3. Winter Hell
  4. Rejected by the Sun
  5. The Day After
  6. Drug
  7. Wraith (Tied to Reality)
  8. No One Cares
  9. Confined
  10. Guilty Conscience



Spanish metalcore quintet The Descent sure know how to pack a punch when songwriting, which is easily proved on their latest release 'Dimensional Matters'. If you're a fan of the whole Swedish death metal scene then The Descent are destined for your listening pleasures. The entire initial sound given here boasts a phenomenal amount of influence raging from In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted, and so much more. 'Dimensional Matters' is literally raped with the exact similarities as those bands. 

Fiery retching screams scatter the ten tracks within collaborating with confidence as well as realising what true potential really exists on the album. From starting track 'The Web Of Lies' to album-ender 'Guilty Conscience' there is no wasted effort in vocals, nor any instrumental bore. Melodic enchanted guitars dazzle the listener, sometimes frantic, other times pacing the riffs into intelligent patterns that only few genres of metal are truly capable of.

Where there is skill, there is also room for improvement; as the album is somewhat a defective listen as the play count rises. Whereas In Flames etc know no boundaries in dividing their talent throughout an album, it would appear The Descent still need to realise where breaks are needed, and when enough is enough of rapid guitars and shrieking vocals, which can be done such as the brilliant 'Rejected By The Sun' - a standout track from this album. That's not to say the rest of the album is complete tosh, take these words as a piece of constructive criticism for a next release that I believe could actually become a glorious, stunning effort to top 'Dimensional Matters', as if it were merely toilet water in comparison.


Label Name: 
Xtreem Music