The Arisen - Rising Times

Rising Times
Track Listing: 

  1. Theater Of Vampire
  2. Exodus
  3. Mnemesis
  4. Winds Of Mesopotamia
  5. Halfway From The Sun
  6. Massive Thievery
  7. Apocalyptic Madness



This is a debut from French progressive death metal newcomers The Arisen. I am really on the fence with this style, sometimes when done well it all fits, most of the time recently its just chaotic and unfortunately this is where I reside with this independently released EP.

There’s no denying the art of playing their instruments, but I find a lot of the tunes tend to be a mash up of ideas thrown together without any real quality control or rather construction included in the finished product. It may sound harsh, but flow and consistency is a major feature for me in this field. The usual influences are however quite clear to hear, including a few more modern ones coupled with the extremity. The actual death metal part of the music is all cool, I find the jazzy waves of individualism more conflicting with my personal taste. 

Although I sound quite negative, I will give praise for the music and the musicians, but the songs themselves or rather the way they are arranged are a little too chaotic which leads to much complacency whilst you spin the release. But as this is a first attempt, there’s hopefully room to grow, I am simply not clever enough to digest this coherently at this point in time, a touch too difficult to comprehend unfortunately.

Label Name: 
Self released