Steel Engraved - On High Wings We Fly

On High Wings We Fly
Track Listing: 

  1. Desert Uprising
  2. Forlorn Empire
  3. Dead Of Night
  4. Solitary Mission
  5. Steeler
  6. On High Wings We Fly
  7. Black Gold
  8. Forever Lost
  9. Godspeed
  10. Pray For The Dead



Steel Engraved have recently toured with Iced Earth across Europe, these German’s are new to me, but their style is very much a constant and consistent power/heavy metal style made famous on the European Festival circuit for some years now.

Typically a personal failure for power metal bands has been the far too frequent use of keyboards that for me detracts any heaviness in the arrangements. Overall, without they keys this is pretty much what any Iced Earth or Dragonland fan would expect it would be fair to state. I say Dragonland, even Insania due to the vocal style alone of Marco Schobe that has prominent vibrato tail ends to notes, also known as “warbling” in some cynics minds too. This aside, there is no denying their musical prowess and vision, but I really don’t feel there is enough oomph to set them apart from the rest of the Euro metal power pack. The rhythms are cool, the drumming consistent if not unfortunately predictable for the style but more positively the harmonies work out better for Steel Engraved than most with tempo changes especially noted in ‘Solitary Mission’, which it needed to be at over seven minutes long. There is a gift of atmosphere in the bands arrangements, just listen to the guitar parts, the instrumentals, this is very tranquil and soul searching epic on the aforementioned track.

Not a bad album, but nothing of any real charisma to make ungroup them from the rest of the euro metal power pack, however, in Steel Engraves favour are their song arrangements and hopefully future releases will gain experience from their Iced Earth tour stint.


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