Signs Of Chaos - Rise

Track Listing: 

1. Numb
2. Rise
3. Voice of Reason
4. All My Hatred
5. Weakness
6. Darkest Hour
7. Break Me Down
8. Thrown Away



From Ottawa, Canada, comes this interesting proposal, it is Signs Of Chaos, band formed in 2008 by Nick Bedard (vocals), Matt MacIvor and Dave McCann (guitars), Tom Hansen (bass) and Taylor Calderone (battery ). having released a first demo in 2009, last year they released independently their first album, "Rise".

Definitely not like to tag bands within a particular musical style, but I like bands that can play with different kinds of style, so mixing different nuances inside metal, which makes the listening a very pleasant entertainment, and not at all boring, as this is the case of Signs Of Chaos, who have been able to vary his compositions within Death, Thrash, and also at times, the Groove.

The first thing to be noted is the ease way of both guitarists to achieve an excellent work in the riff `s of the two songs that open the album, 'Numb' and 'Rise', the latter being the one which gives title to the work. Warlike voices are perfectly complemented with the guttural, according to the need of the moment, the high complexity instrumental cuts are present at all times, and are the precedent of some intense changes of rhythm with ups and downs totally accurate.

There is always place for the melodies, and this is the case of one of the best songs on the album, 'Voice of Reason', and for the brutal blast beats of 'Darkest Hour', another track that does not leave you indifferent and nor does the song 'Break Me Down' with a riff very dark and completely captivating.

Finally, I would like to encourage our readers to listen this album, for fans of extreme metal, totally recommended!


Label Name: 
Self released