Sentient Horror - Ungodly Forms

Ungodly Forms
Track Listing: 

  1. Into The Abyss...  
  2. Abyssal Ways 
  3. Die Decay Devour 
  4. Blood Rot  
  5. Splinter The Cross 
  6. Beyond The Curse Of Death  
  7. Ungodly Forms  
  8. Suffer To The Grave 
  9. A Host Of Worms  
  10. Of Filth And Flesh  
  11. Mourning (instrumental) 
  12. Celestial Carnage



USDM Swedish style, Sentient Horror have a real dirty vision and sound, they hybrid boths sides of the pond and provide some really classy tunes. I don’t feel this to be a tribute to past masters at all, there’s much more to offer from this release. D-beat dynamics figure on ‘Blood Rot’ that peppers your fists and makes your head move, then the buzzsaw guitar sound rips out your very soul. ‘Beyond The Curse Of Death’ makes more Dismember noises but the arrangement is expansive. As is the release. When you first hear this, you may figure, um, HM2 sound, dirty, filthy, that maybe the case but if you listen to the arrangements, there’s more than pure filth. There’s a key inclusion of melody here. Before you sit back and frown, it’s nothing more remarkable than what the aforementioned Swedes did on their last effort, the power is very good indeed.

The songs run through well and take characters all of their own, it’s rare to find a release in this field that does that, they are either very similar or just all to hell one way or another. For the chalice of old school death metal, this is blood ridden filth with a masterclass in modern arrangements. Staying true to the history, but defining more of their own path rather than a left hand path (you see what I did there!). For the sound and style, this is one of the top releases over the last few years, the style was getting stale with many sound a-likes, now Sentient Horror are here, so pick up your jaw and enjoy this bruiser of an album. From start to finish, its very cool indeed.

Label Name: 
Testimony Records