Psilocybe Larvae - The Labyrinth Of Penumbra

The Labyrinth Of Penumbra
Track Listing: 

1. Soul Trekking
2. Haunting
3. Shining Shambhala
4. Trial By Fire
5. Into The Labyrinth
6. Contemplation
7. Fortress Of Time
8. River Of Remembrance
9. No Escape



Progressive Metal is like a mind altering drug that seems to open up a new world of intense complex sounds. Especially when a band incorporates a variety of other Metal genres into their progressive sound which makes for extremely diverse tracks. Psilocybe Larvae is definitely a unique Progressive Death Doom band with a very distinctive sound which can be heard on the album, “The Labyrinth Of Penumbra.” These Russian musicians really focus on instrumental technicality and powerful progressive atmospheric compositions. There are different interments used on this album to create a large outer musical world while maintaining a simple heavy riff based inner world. Complex drumming helps maintain the musicʼs overall rhythm while dictating structural timing. In the vocal department Psilocybe Larvae uses a mix of Death growls and echoing melodic vocals. The death growls are used primarily to emphasize intense aggressive parts on this album.

Psilocybe Larvae does a great job crafting their songs to evoke powerful emotions. The album begins with the song “Soul Trekking” which starts out with a melancholy sound that grows into forceful instrumental assault. As the music is changing from soft to loud the vocals follow the musicʼs overall tone. This song introduces the listener to Psilocybe Larvaeʼs unique style of music, but the rest of the album still offers multiple new creative compositions. The next song “Haunting” is driven by this heavy guitar riff which slows down to emphasize a wash of keyboards. During the keyboard parts the music feels like a storm cloud growing waiting for the guitar to strike with a fierce tone ringing attack. I really like the guitar playing on this album which I find helps contribute to each songʼs musical identity. On “Trial By Fire” and “Into the Labyrinth” the guitar playing offers multiple riffs and styles. When the guitar notes ring out the tone soars over the crushing atmospheric Death Doom music. Drumming is another area of the album I find enjoyable because the technical precision shows true talent. The drummer is playing around these non-conventional time signatures which provide a strong backbone for the songs on the album.

There are not too many complaints I have with this album. Towards the end of the album the progressive Death Doom sound gets to drag on a bit. Even with the bandʼs ability to create diverse sounding tracks I think the style of music loses the excitement and sense of danger which can be heard on the first half of this album. Still I think the album is a tremendous display of talent and consideration for musical experimentation.

Psilocybe Larvaeʼs “The Labyrinth Of Penumbra” is a great progressive Death Doom release which I recommend people listen to at least once. The blending of slow Doom atmospheres and intense Death Metal bursts is magnificent once tied together with progressive ingenuity. Advice before you listen to this album: "Prepare yourself for an unexpected Heavy Metal journey where the music wraps you up into another dimension of sound and emotion. Enjoy".

Label Name: 
Buil2kill Records