Profanity - The Art Of Sickness

The Art Of Sickness
Track Listing: 
  1. The Great Obstacle
  2. Who Leaves Stays
  3. Mouth Of Nepotism
  4. Recreating Bliss
  5. Specific Souls
  6. Better Left Alone




With their latest full length dating back in 2000, it was about time the Germans released a new full don't you think? Actually in this long wait of 17 years they released a single on 2002 and an EP on 2014, but c'mon man. 17 years is a looong wait. Pushing  the play button on "The Art Of Sickness", one can instantly tell the difference on the previous full length of 1997 and this one. And trust me, it is not just the way they sound. 

Profanity of 2017, approach death metal in a really different manner than they did back in the day. You can tell from the first sweep. Their new album literally makes a start with a sweep and a really clear tone, in comparison to how they sounded back in 1997. Can't say if this is called evolution or mutation, but what I'm here to judge is "The Art Of Sickness" and that alone.  So what we have here is technical death metal, reaching the space of progressive very often, inspired by bands as Atheist, late Death, Cynic and all those really really technical death metal bands. 

The song constructions are complex, and this is something you can tell just by looking at the duration of the songs. 6,30 minutes average length can tell you guys a lot about the riffs and the tempo changes these guys applied to their new material. For those of you though, that thing of tempo changes, variety of riffs in one songs and clear tone, as boring,'thing again. Profanity have not only improved their skill as players but also their skill as song writers. Once they decided to go technical, they went all the way. The songs are not boring at all. 

Exactly the opposite. Progressive manner of expressing ones way through extremity, with technical melodic patterns filing the songs over brutal death metal drum performance. Sounds really diverse and I believe this is what Profanity aimed with it. Or at least this should have been one of their goals. I mean, listening to a drummer, tearing the skins apart in a brutal blast beat, while the lead guitarists and the bass player goes up and down the scale on arpeggios and the vocalist simply tearing his throat off is pretty diverse don't you think? Well what if I told you that Profanity made that all work? 

The songs themselves, although loaded with complex riffing and weird alternations, are not tiresome at all, as long they get the chance they deserve. This means of course, don't listen to it waiting to hear any of the old stuff. Just listen to it as if you would listen to a new technical release. Technicality meets extremity and all this ferments into a progressive amalgam. All fans of the reference bands mentioned above would instantly love this. Kind of grows in you. What helps a lot of course is the perfect production for this style of metal. Crystal clear and flawless. Everything has its special place in the final mix and everything can be heard without getting on each other's way. Loud and clear. Personally I know many bands that would kill for such result in this particular genre. 

Forget about raw old school stuff and let your selves sink in to the swirl of one of their many sweeps  for a while. Nice refreshing chance for a band breathing the reek of extremity since 1993. Awesome album cover and xtra thumbs up for the guest solo of mr. Terrance Hobbs of Suffocation on 'Recreating Bliss'.

Label Name: 
Apostasy Records