Primal Creation - Demockracy

Primal Creation - Demockracy
Track Listing: 

  1. The Mockracy  
  2. Vote Clown - Await The Trap  
  3. Cast The First Stone  
  4. Good Riddance  
  5. Retain The Fight  
  6. Emperor  
  7. Vote Clown - A Lost Cause  
  8. Memories...  
  9. ...Of Diminishing Returns



From Belgium, this is an independently released full length following their EP ‘The Struggle’ which came out some 4 years ago. That said, I find them possessing a strong hardcore flavour (unlike the crossover thrash of the 80’s), mainly from the vocal but also in the momentum of some of the tracks. At first listen, its wasn’t an attention grabbing feat, but following numerous listens, wow, I see the game they are playing now and they are certainly the winners. 

This modern approach gives a lot of life and aggression to the songs. I suppose if you want an easy comparison look to some early Pro Pain material, as the vocal is just as angry. Taking in Testament, Exodus and other heavier thrashers, Primal Creation make their voices heard. ‘Vote Clown - Await the Trap’ is special for its consistent assaulting tempo, the feeling from this is pure neck wrenching, then of course take note of the lyrics! Then go to what is assumed the second part ‘Vote Clown - A Lost Cause’….slightly faster, similar in its structure, the continuation of a good thing. ‘Retain the Fight’ has another great intro riff followed by 4 plus minutes of pure energy. The closer ‘…of Diminishing Returns’ is a different track all together. It begins hardcore and thrash, then goes power metal then a touch doom death, well you can’t say you are not being treated to the full capability of this band. But I will stress, it doesn’t actually seem odd to the rest of the album its al fits in the journey of this release. 

‘Demockracy’ is a solid release, an album that fits with a certain mood or character, once given the time, it’s a winner on a few fronts. Primal Creation are a “watch this space” band, I am certainly eager to find out more.

Label Name: 
Self released