Primal Age - A Silent Wound

Primal Age - A Silent Wound
Track Listing: 

  1. The Whistleblowers vs World Health Organization
  2. A Silent Wound
  3. Counterfeiters Of The Science
  4. To Jeff



Primal Age are a France based metal/hardcore band, and they're a new one on me. Having been enjoying the metalcore scene for nearly fifteen years this comes as a surprise knowing that Primal Age have been around since 1995. Whilst not familiar with the band's back catalogue, it becomes understandable to see why these guys have just been SO underground in all these years of being a band. The music among this EP comes as hugely generic. There's thrash riffs, solos, mid-screamed vocals...but that's about it. Now whilst the EP's production isn't shameful here, the ideas are about as fresh as supermarket bread with the flash sale price sticker on it, and unfortunately bands like Unearth and Shadows Fall have already beaten Primal Age to the punch. 

The four tracks presented here almost mash into one, which isn't always a bad thing, but unfortunately didn't catch my attention on the second or third playthroughs. The hardcore gang chants among self titled album track 'A Silent Wound' are energising, as are the brief death metal vocals on final track 'To Jeff...', but it is unfortunate that these advances are so little among the record. The admiration for the band's life duration is most definitely impressive, but unfortunately none of the material stood out enough for me enough to rave about the EP enough. Hopefully a future release will showcase a more modern approach to metalcore, and see Primal Age going for gold. 

Label Name: 
Deadlight Entertainment