Nuestros Derechos - Adrift

Track Listing: 
  1. Under The Surface
  2. Death My Friend
  3. Soil To Embrace
  4. Tardigrade
  5. Crystal Demons
  6. Bockereyders
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Devour
  9. The Great Disruption
  10. Lost Vegas
  11. Koyaanisqatsi
  12. Trash Vortex



Nuestros Derechos's sophomore effort, 'Adrift,' is just as Thrash laden and rhythmic as their debut three years ago. Some might consider this excellent or disappointing, depending on how one liked the last album. Rooted more in basic Thrash, the music is rather simple by keeping things fast paced with just churning guitars but also tons of melody heaped within, such as on "Crystal Demon" which is tinged with sounds from earlier Metallica in the music along with more of the half sung, half snarled vocals that are akin to bands like Slayer or Kreator. One thing that 'Adrift' does very well that most Thrash bands don't is show off the bass, which is almost always buried with the rest of the music. On a track like "The Great Disruption" the thicker, deeper sound helps enhance the experience with a darker tone, and even the vocals experiment a bit with deeper, growled spoken word passages so they don't feel like a monotone bark the whole time. In other tracks they can also switch to a more high pitched snap like on "Bockereyders," but these sound more like some sixteen year old barking into the mike rather than an adult, so it might come off as laughable rather than atmospherically enhancing.

A downside to this album though is the lack or originality between songs. While the enhanced bass is more technical and takes things a step above 'typical' Thrash, lots of the tracks tend to focus on the exact same music structure with the mid paced chugs and breaking things down in the middle for a bit more of a melodic rhythm. The only moment when listeners might notice a change in style is on the instrumental "Koyaanisqatsi," which trades electric guitar and vocals for cello and acoustic guitar, which adds a lot more depth to the music in a beautiful manner, though it would have served stronger as an intro or outro because it is such an anomaly amongst Thrash. One might think Apocalyptica had a guest spot on the album rather than the band itself. Overall, the music here is enjoyable Thrash, but can be a bit stale after a while due to the monotony of the music. However, it is much better than the average 'Slayer' copy music bands out there and will somehow appeal to someone at some point in time of the music, whether it is enegertic pace or the skillfully written solos.

Label Name: 
Self released