Near Death Condition - Evolving Towards Extinction

Evolving Towards Extinction
Track Listing: 

  1. Words Of Wisdom
  2. Between The Dying And The Dead
  3. Intelligent Design
  4. Pandemic Of Ignorance
  5. Praise The Lord Of Negation
  6. The Anatomy Of Disgust
  7. Anagamin
  8. Evolving Towards Extinction
  9. Vertigo
  10. Communing With Emptiness
  11. Nostalgia For Chaos



Switzerland bares a heavy tradition when it comes to quality music. The name is attached to some of the most influential bands in the extreme sound. Hellhammer is one of the most distinct names and there are many more to follow. Near Death Condition is a band formed in 2001 and "Evolving Towards Extinction" is their new release for 2014. The aura of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and Immolation reigns pretty well here, and this is something anyone who listens to it, will notice instantly. Tons of insane blasting, covering twisted guitar themes that praise a lyrical content of anti-humanity, hatred and atheism. The man behind the mic is simply a beast on a leash (brings a Steven Tucker aura to the table). Growling his guts out, throwing curses to each direction, but using a groovy flow to his vocal lines, giving this whole paroxysm of speed and chaos, the proper balance! "Evolving Towards Extinction" though is not all about speed. There are atmospheric moments in this one that tend to bring the worst of you on the surface! We're talking about a band that can be extremely hellish when they decide to be chaotic and really fast and demented when they choose to blast it out. 

This third full length of the Swiss war machine goes way up to 51 minutes. 11 songs that never and under no circumstance will get boring! There's such variety in each one of them that makes the whole 51 minutes pass unnoticed. The production couldn't be better, and it actually is a factor that helps a lot to bring this band's roughness and wrath forward! It is muddy and heavy. Almost choking, creating a thick wall of dirty sound ready to devour you, but on the same time it allows the music to breathe giving each instrument, it's special place in the final mix. The appropriate mix for this type of death metal this unholy quartet from Switzerland decided to play! The whole album is dressed in a great layout making "Evolving Towards Extinction" a really lovable package for the worshipers of extremity! A proof that Switzerland knows the way to quality, are those four ravagers and they surely convinced me! Check em out!

Label Name: 
Unique Leader Records