Naumachia - Black Sun Rising

Black Sun Rising
Track Listing: 

  1. Inward Spiral
  2. Egomaniac Frenzy
  3. Mortification Study
  4. Voyeristic Life Abuser
  5. Fornicatrix
  6. Iconography Of Pain
  7. Sedated Daimona
  8. Abreaction
  9. Act Of Renunciation



This is the third full length from Polish melodic black/death metal band Naumachia, this band have been going since 1999 so have a fair bit of time together to hone their craft. Now I am probably not the best judge of melodic metal and certainly one where the band use synths and keyboards, not usually my cup of tea at all, but I am always up for a listen to new bands and new albums, so it was with interest that I started to listen to this album. Well what do you get with this album, nine tracks at over forty minutes and it starts of very well indeed, “Inward Spiral” has a good riff with some good deep, growly vocals and a bit of twiddly synth stuff as well!! Not a bad start at all, I like the vocals from Soyak who also plays guitar along with Armand, both very decent as well! The drumming is top notch from Icanraz and the bass is ably handled by Mortifer. A big part of this album is the keyboard work and it is done by VX, I am no expert on this but I would say he does it very well indeed.

The album cracks on at a fair pace and is pretty decent too, I found myself enjoying it very much, so much for preconceptions! There is a lot of synth work on it but I enjoyed it and it does open up a new genre to me. My favourite tracks on the album would have to be “Mortification Study” which has a great atmospheric start and a very doomy, space style riff, different style from what I usually listen too but very good. “Fornicatrix” is another cracking track on this album, with some manic guitar work and good riffing throughout. All nine tracks are decent though and I enjoyed the album as a whole.

Well I didn’t know what to expect when I put on this album, not my usual listening material but it was a good album and I enjoyed it very much, keyboards can work!! A good album from a band I will look forward to hearing more from in the future, if a bit of melodic death metal is your bag I suggest you check them out for yourself and I doubt you will be disappointed you did!

Click HERE to listen to 'Act Of Renunciation'

Label Name: 
Witching Hour Productions