Nailgun Massacre - Backyard Butchery

Backyard Butchery
Track Listing: 
  1. Cadaverous Lay
  2. Albert The Geek
  3. Mortuary Meathouse
  4. Nailed To The Wall
  5. Jugannatha!
  6. Spanish Spider
  7. Head On A Stick
  8. Zombie Swamp

Considering that 'Nailgun Massacre' was based off of a horror movie, it is no wonder that a band who takes the same name follows a death metal path. For those who have not heard these guys before, they perform old school, gutteral death metal that is actually highly melodic at times and very easily paced rather than just full, obliteration and technicality likes some bands such as Hate Eternal or Naplam Death tend to do. Althought 'Backyard Butchery' may seem like an attempted copy at Cannibal Corpse or Mortician, following grim, disemboweling themes with a bit of tongue in cheek humor, the music tends to stand out on its own for the most part. From the opening track, listeners are thrusted into the heavy guitar chugs and gritty atmosphere, along with the deep, snarling vocals that are often overlapped with gutteral growls. They aren't the most impressive vocals in the world, but match the raw power of the music. The groove and rhythm bits of the music tend to get repetitive at time, especially with the segmented chugs over and over, but there are some impressive musical moments. "Mortuary Meathouse" features some very haunting, lengthy guitar solos amongst spoken word passages which really adds to the grotesqueness of the music, but mostly listeners will want to focus on the guitars for their virtuosity that almost borders the kind one would hear in doom metal, which is often dominated at times by a single guitar instead of the usual unision of noise.

"Spanish Spider" features very creepy intro with some echoing chanting and a crying child, and then jumps into the slow, sludging death metal bits. Here, Nailgun Massacre make more use of the gutteral vocals and slow pace to really draw out the song to make listeners feel like their drowning; a new way of suffering through the music. It is a highly regarded track due to the melodic bits and a bit of a respite from all the usual chugging and aggression mixed with the other tracks. The guitars even sound like bell chimes with how the reverb makes them echo when the chords are hammered out much slower to the usual rapid chugs that, while providing an intensity in rhythm, doesn't really reach the epic proporitions, such as how the music is heard on "Head on a Stick." The album closes on "Zombie Swamp," which is a good mix of fast and slow rhythms, often layered upon one another when it comes to the guitars, and adds a lot of diversity to the music while still retaining that raw and gritty sound. New fans to this band whole like music along the lines of Godless Rising or even maybe Vader with enjoy this band for the slow, groove like pace at times that is offset with the blazing ferocity of death metal that will just steamroll through without any regrets, either for performer or listener.

Label Name: 
Slowrunner Records