Logic Of Denial - Incipit Of Abhorrence

Incipit Of Abhorrence
Track Listing: 

1. Ravenous Patterns Of Oblivion
2. Apocrypha


Two tracks?! I thought when I was first presented Logic Of Denial's new 2011 promo! The cover, their logo emblazoned on the slip cover within nothing suggestive as to what awaited for me within the CD. Italy's Logic Of Denial have been pretty busy these days with only their debut album "Necrogenesis" being released in 2010, already these guys are getting ready for a new album and assuming with this promo trying to get themselves alittle more out there. Now I had never heard of these guys whatsoever so I was so pleased with what blasted from my speakers. "Necrogenesis" was very much so influenced by Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal and the likes so its plain to see that this young Italian band wear their influences on their sleeves and really have no qualms in expressing it in the most brutal fashion.

The production on these tracks is absolutely mighty and crushing in every sense of the meaning. Heavy, heavy HEAVY! This CD is total Morbid Angel/Nile/Hate Eternal worship delivered to you, the listner in the most brutal way possible. Absolutely crushing guitars, guttural vocals, thunderous bass and blasting up a hellstorm drums make this little taster CD rip your head off.

This CD clocks in at just under 7 mins and I was left wanting more!! If this is a sign of things to come from these guys, well, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to warn you now... better take cover!!! Check it out!!! Essential!

Label Name: 
The Spew Records