Logic Of Denial - Aftermath

Track Listing: 

  1. Abcission
  2. Devouring Seeds Of The Apocalypse
  3. Gorging On Innocence
  4. Miroir
  5. Sufferance
  6. Assenza (The Sufferance Overture)
  7. Larvae Of Eden
  8. The Decaying Drama (Pt. I: Quietus - Pt. II: Antinferno)
  9. Defilement
  10. Violating The Canvas Of Forgotten Purity
  11. Immaculate
  12. Euphoric Abhorrent Synthesis



Italy’s Logic Of Denial have returned with their 3rd full-length entitled “Aftermath” in which the band let you know there will be little left due to the hellacious and blasphemic aural atrocities contained within this release. There can be many debates as to the meaning and origins of the band’s name, but one thing that cannot be denied is the sheer devastation and talent cultivated from the seeds planted by each of the members of the band. This release should go down as one of the most impressive of the year.

With thick and sludgy riffs, the guitars sound like what it would be if old Entombed played Hypocrisy’s “Osculum Obscenum” album. Every bit of the guitar work here is very tight with a slightly technical edge, and well presented. The guitarist’s (Alessandro D’Antone and Marco) knowledge of their instruments seems to be pretty profound and, if that wasn’t enough, you have some really insane drumming going on. However, not sure who to give the credits to as there is absolutely no indication in the booklet on if it’s a live drummer or a programmed machine. Either way it is a phenomenal piece of work. Along with the production, you have a pretty monstrous element carefully balancing that fine line between brutal and traditional death metal. Sadly the bass is a little too low for my liking, but is still noticeable. Talent wise everything is fine but production wise, they could have done a better job. It doesn’t ruin the album at all, It’s just a person preference and I think the production to this element of the music would have only added to the awesomeness of the overall aura of the finished product.

The vocals are pretty standard for the material presented and that is what’s so damn awesome about them. Imagine a mix of “Onward To Golgotha” vocals from Incantation and those on “Dawn Of Possession” from Immolation. To have a vocal style of such magnitude over such a devastating soundtrack of precise riffage and pounding devastation, it just doesn’t get much better than this in the world of death metal. Yes, this is a beast of an album in terms of passion, brutality, and most of all, presentation. With all of the bands saturating the brutal death metal genre, Logic Of Denial is one to take seriously. Their sound reeks of pure dominance and commands everyone’s utmost respect. One listen and I am sure that everyone reading this will agree.

Label Name: 
Comatose Music