Kill - Burning Blood

Burning Blood
Track Listing: 
  1. Veni Satana
  2. Burning Blood
  3. Nails Of Cursed Steel
  4. Beckoning Grave
  5. Kill
  6. Desecration Temple
  7. Holocaust Fires
  8. Poison Chalice



So you thought all Sweden had was At The Gates, In Flames and Opeth... well, think again. Those are the three bands that usually instantly pop in every ones head when they think of Swedish metal bands. Now it's time for your dose of Swedish Black Metal. Kill brings you old school riffs with raw production. 

The cover sets the stage for what you are about to hear. A simplistic black and white cover with a cup of burning blood. Even the logo looks old school. Using bat wings only within the logo. From the beginning of the album your being pushed down the conveyor belt. Inching closer and closer to the meat grinder. Burning Blood gives you just that feeling. Driving riffs that never let up and suck you in. Purely wretched vocals and a great spoken word interlude. Also gotta love the nice old school throwback with the death grunt at the end. The guitar tone is full and heavy. It also has that crunchy high end to highlight all the great harmonies. The drums stay fresh and don't drone you out with blast beats. The riffs are a nice mix between being very straight forward and all the way to  thought out melodic harmonized sections. Having this mix keeps it interesting and less repetitive. 

This is a simplistic record that still retains a lot of substance and doesn't bore you. If you like Craft and Darkthrone then you should be able to appreciate what Kill is trying to accomplish on Burning Blood.

Label Name: 
BlackSeed Productions