Kaos - Validated In Blood

Validated In Blood
Track Listing: 
  1. United We Kill
  2. Internal Bleeding
  3. Alive To Die
  4. Blood Red Eyes
  5. Kill On Command (cover Vio-Lence)

After being on hiatus for some time, Thrash Metal group Kaos returned in 2010 re-invigorated and ready to crack skulls with some headbanging music. After a rather successful release of 'The Pits Of Existence,' the band is at it again with a new EP. Brief, but solid, everything here will attract fans of more technical Thrash and even the classics performed by groups such as Exodus. "United We Kill" has a bit of the cliche themes used on Exodus' 'Tempo Of The Damned,' but the music is actually a bit toned down compared to these legends. The solos are still fantastic but the riffing is mid paced and easily accessible. Other tracks like "Alive To Die" follow the same pattern but "Internal Bleeding" is an excellent example of a more technical, complex take on Thrash so it doesn't just feel like the same three riffs over and over for most of the song and the big explosion comes from a six second solo that goes so fast listener attention is rarely fully captivated. The "Kill On Command" cover feels a little bit out of Kaos' element due to its fast pace as they try to keep up with the Vio-Lence original, but compared to the more groovy sections of a track like "Alive To Die" or the technical grit of "Internal Bleeding," it feels like a whole new band. Still, overall this little tidbit will allow fans to be sated for some time until Kaos unleashes their next full length of groovy Thrash assaults.


Label Name: 
Malevolence Records