Irmin - Into My Order

Into My Order
Track Listing: 

  1. Into My Order
  2. Bloodred Domination
  3. Dark Lord
  4. Night Of Blood
  5. Berzerker
  6. Nimmermeer
  7. Four Elements
  8. The Final March
  9. Illumina



Irmin is a band from The Netherlands that in spite of being active since 2002 this is their first album “Into My Order”, after some demos and EPs in their beginning, they split up and are back now. As the name of the band Irmin is the name of a demigod of war, the music of this band is a war, a black thrash metal attack, and for sure they get it, full of epic melodies and fast riffs, some times similar to old Dissection but mixed with the European thrash metal of the 80s and 90s, even similar in some parts and style to Destroyer 666, and all those war metal bands, and the mixing of NWOBHM inside their sound.

Well, maybe I have said a lot of influences, from black to classic metal, but this is the amplitude of this band, but if we had to select a genre it would be black/thrash. Is a blast of energy and hate, the pass of the metal hordes, destruction and epic of their classic guitar work, voices are aggressive and black, drumming is a blast of bass drums and blast beats when music deserve it, a hard and effective work.

The artwork is in the style of 90s black scene, and is in accordance with music and image of the band. The sound is pretty good, a good production. Well, I hope that Irmin continues to play and record albums of true metal like this, and a label that supports them.

Label Name: 
Self released