Inborn Suffering - Regression To Nothingness

Regression To Nothingness
Track Listing: 

  1. Slumber Asylum
  2. Born Guilty
  3. Grey Eden
  4. Apotheosis
  5. Another World
  6. Regression To Nothingness
  7. Self Contempt Kings



Starting out with a massive UK death doom influence from the early 1990’s, this French band speak in heavy tongues which is remarkable considering this is only their second full length album in their ten year existence. When I speak of early death doom, I speak of the Yorkshire (UK) trio when they were doing the heavy business, rather than the ambience currently…Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride to be precise. In other words, the tranquillity is equally matched with bouts of booming guitar pieces. Inborn Suffering are not afraid to go into this tranquil arena with ‘Slumber Asylum’ perfectly encapsulating and summarising the album on the single opening track. At some points on the album the music is really painfully slow and depressing, the dreamy world of their music is actually more fitting with their clean vocals to that of the death/doom grunt. Some of these songs are rather long, ‘Grey Eden’ is over twelve minutes long, and for this period, you do endure some classy pieces of music, but in general it’s a little too far along the downtrodden, wet and miserable path. The faster tempos of this particular track have the same qualities as recent Primordial output I tend to find, it has a certain level of “epic” and such rises the track from its humble miserable beginnings to complete its life span with some mesmerising sequences of eventual fulfilment. The title track continues the same formula, acoustic intro, doomy death guitars, overlaid keyboards, gruff death vocals and slow tempos. Whilst as good as each individual track sounds, I don’t find much enjoyment over a full album of over 72 minutes, it basically makes me miserable!

I find this album average at best but with glimmers of hope when subjected to some brief heavy madness mixed from time to time with dreamy soul searching ambience, I simply prefer one or the other, not a hybrid of both. This is an album for true lovers of the genre, this is slow business, very slow in fact, but musically Inborn Suffering put together some commendable arrangements hence why its rated so, even though it is an album I myself can live without.


Label Name: 
Solitude Productions