Human Ashtray - Exile

Track Listing: 

  1. BBMK-1000  
  2. The Last Lines Of Exile  
  3. Bacteriological Warfare  
  4. Seeking The Strenght  
  5. Post Mortem Nihil Est  
  6. The Purest Of All Evil  
  7. Death Is Certain, Life No



This is the third album in ten years from this Spanish deathcore outfit. All the scene’s traits are on offer. The music is highly compressed and battering in places, with the expected drum technology available and ability. The breakdown to a more standard arrangement about the 3 minute mark of ‘The Last Lines Of Exile’ is much more fulfilling than the battering that preceded it. You can hear elements of death metal, especially some bands like Dying Fetus, mainly for the tempo and precision timing that this band produce. The riff element is satisfied during ‘Post Mortem Nihil Est’.

Being the ‘Purest Of All Evil’ the running intro riff is pretty cool, the song doesn’t develop any further, it goes back to the “core” elements, melodic riffing with an overpressure of speed and aggression with some insane kick and snare machine guns beats. I never get the vocal for such a style, so I am not one to comment on this as that’s not fair in my book. But for me musically I can see where this goes, but it’s not necessarily that different to what we’ve heard many times before. Human Ashtray are however masters of their instruments and the precision is captured perfectly here.

Label Name: 
Blood Fire Death