Hemoptysis - Misanthropic Slaughter

Misanthropic Slaughter
Track Listing: 
  1. Misanthropic Slaughter
  2. Hopeless
  3. M.O.D.
  4. Impending Doom
  5. And The World Dies
  6. Interlude
  7. The Cycle
  8. Blood Storm
  9. Shadow Of Death
  10. Hadephobia
  11. End Of Sorrow

Unsigned Thrashers Hemoptysis are a positive breath of fresh air. I have listened to this self-released disc for days on end, and have lost count at the actual number of spins. I don’t usually get excited about a release that often, but when I do, all I can say is buy it!

A vocal rasp similar to what can be heard on ‘Heartwork’ era-Carcass or Dark Tranquility’s ‘The Gallery’/’The Mind’s Eye’ courtesy of Masaki Murashita greets you from the opening tune, as does the music. The melodic death metal style of those releases is encompassed with a mix of wondrous thrash roots. I actually feel that a more positive move towards the death end of the spectrum makes a perfect listen. ‘M.O.D.’ is a flawless rasp and basically metal heaven synopsis of everything that has been heard in the last couple of decades. The guitars stand out in the riffing but do not detract the thoroughly heads down brutality when the arrangement develops a thirst quenching passion and adrenaline rush. The thunderous drumming on ‘Hopeless’ has you begging for mercy, whilst ‘And the World Dies’ keeps their thrash roots growing evermore. ‘Shadow of Death’ touches on genius song writing prowess and makes the album feel that little bit more special, even the sometimes fabled ‘Interlude’ does not feel out of place, in fact, it is a perfect pause, imagine turning over your record, ah those were the days! Not forgetting the guitar solos and melodies enacting a stellar performance worthy of any accolade and comparison to the great albums of recent times.

A band of this quality should not be left unsigned for long; this is a band that displays an effortless controlled expulsion of metal greatness and gel together to produce a thunderous thrash death hybrid of total quality guaranteed.

Label Name: 
Self released