Fuck Off - A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988

A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988
Track Listing: 

  1. No Return
  2. Maniac
  3. Another Sacrifice
  4. Born to Die
  5. The Last Flight
  6. Blood in the Night
  7. Sueño Maldito
  8. Awaiting Your Death
  9. People in War
  10. Fuck Off



Upon first receiving this album to review I was thrown off by the band’s name. These guys must be really angry to use such a vulgar phrase for their band name. Sometimes bands that have outrageous names do it just to make up for their quality of music. In this case I think people should not be turned away due to the band’s name because the music is AWESOME! Fuck Off is a Spanish thrash metal band that formed in the mid-eighties when Thrash was at its peek. Their heavy technical Thrash style reminds me of the New York band Toxik. The riffs are lighting fast and well pieced together. They also sound a bit like Anthrax with the uptempo guitar sections. The singer’s vocal style sounds similar to Joey Belladonna’s too. These guys along with a band called Legion were the two Thrash bands that ruled Spain back in the late eighties. The album “A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988” is a compilation of Fuck Off’s music from 1987-1988. Most of the songs on the album are from their debut full length album “A Different Sacrifice.” 

If you are looking for great classic thrash metal then this is the album for you. The first track is a ripping piece of Thrash metal called, “No Return.” The rhythms are fast paced with a melodic thrash appeal in certain parts. Again I hear the Anthrax influence in this song during the vocal parts. The drumming is intense with a great sense for timing. This is real head banging music and the second track keeps the feel from the first track going. Song three “Another Sacrifice” is a long thrash track and has the blue print of early Metallica songs. The intro starts out slow and then the palm muting quick riff comes in. One aspect I high enjoy about this album is the guitar playing. On track number five “The Last Fight,” the guitar intro part is wicked with quick hammer ons and pull offs. The guitarists style is extremely fluid especially during his solos. When he does guitar tapping during the solos on certain songs I am left speechless. I find that people do not give thrash metal guitarists enough credit because I feel this guy could be the next Kirk Hammett if given more recognition. Also, the riffs are solid thrash riffs that are very technical in some areas which tie together to create brilliant overall great songs. 

While listening to this compilation I scratch my head wondering why Fuck Off did not become bigger and get any recognition. These guys are just as good as American thrash bands like Exodus, Testament, and Dark Angel. I feel these guys may be like Anvil and were overlooked for some strange reason. Is it the band name? The band name must not prevent people from listening to these guys because the great quality of thrash is definitely worth checking out. I find the lack of recognition for Fuck Off to be very unfortunate and hope that this album gets the word out about one of Spain’s greatest thrash metal bands. A band such as Fuck Off deserves to be signed to major labels and get radio play. The consistency speaks volume and I find that is an element lacking in modern metal music. Maybe like Anvil a fan will create a movie and help give this band the credit they deserve.


Label Name: 
Xtreem Music