Fleshless - Dethroned In Shadows

Dethrowned In Shadows
Track Listing: 
  1. Intro
  2. Dethroned In Shadows
  3. Ninety Seven Pieces
  4. Outro




The LEGENDS of Czech Republic return, two years after their latest full length with a new EP, giving us a short sample of what's to follow. Their latest full length "Devoured Beyond Recognition", proved the fact that even after 7 full lengths and several demos and EPs, a death metal band can still be original. 

Short creepy intro and the first track breaks in. Title track and things get serious right from the start. Majestic entry with bombastic guitar open chords and Vladimir's creepy vocals building up the atmosphere. Death metal at its finest here. Relentless and furious in the beginning, breaking it up, with groovy melodic interleaves and then back to ferocity once again. This time I think the ratio between brutality and melody leans a bit more on melody than it did in their previous releases. Without that of course meaning that Fleshless got soft. Noooo sir. Fleshless is death metal to the bone and nothing can change that. It just that they like to enhance their brutality with melody here and there making it sound a bit more "Swedish", if I can use the term. Production is kind of clean and although it is not my type of production, it suits fine here as the melodies their music has, need clarity. Perfect for this type of death metal. 

First song ends and the second carries on with the flame, exactly where the previous left it. 'Ninety Seven Pieces' is the title and this one is aiming more to the groove of it. Furious at certain points but mostly groovy. The melodic interleaves are also present here, only adding to the entire outcome. Everything here has its own place. Both new tracks have a cohesive structure. Not tiresome at all and sound totally fresh. 

The EP ends with a short outro after 11 minutes and what I can definitely say is that the Czech ravagers have triggered my curiosity for their new full. Really interested to see how these melodies (their latest albums kind of flirt with it) will be applied to an entire album. Judging from what I heard here, I can honestly say that we're talking for an excellent EP, spoiler to an upcoming awesome full length. Can't wait.

Label Name: 
Metal Age Productions