Façade - Loathe

Track Listing: 

  1. Apostate
  2. Veil Of Deceit
  3. Insanity Restored
  4. Sleepless
  5. Departure
  6. Forlorn



This Dutch bands self-titled debut EP in 2013 was a solid two tracks of oppressive doom death that has laid the foundation for the full length which has taken some time to be released, begging the question of whether it was worth the wait. The answer is a mixture of yes and no as the album is a fine display of despairing doom death with a rugged dense production covering six lengthy tunes. 

The moment the initial opening bars of “Apostate” starts the tranquil mournful melody is quickly shifted aside for the guitar riff and purposefully slow beat. That tranquil melody is retained and works to add more gloom to the song. The song shifts style again for a morose guitar hook and gnarly vocal style that conjured up memories of Katatonia’s early material. I did question whether the deep drawled vocals worked through the album as I felt a less harsh and gruff tone would have been suitable too especially when the songs loll into serene passages like the opener does. With the foundation laid down by the opener “Veil Of Deceit” continues the sorrowful poise with a dirge like aura that favours an atmospheric approach akin to an ambient texture. The songs metal component forces itself through the mix with the vocals continuing their deep cavernous bellows. 

There is an avant-garde serenity about this release that is relaxing yet garners your attention with its myriad of hooks and embellishments similar to epic doom deathsters Eternal Deformity. “Sleepless” starts beautifully, with a funereal melody that reeks of despondency, showering the listener with droplets of anguish via the excellent guitar work, as the song unfurls into a living, breathing doom entity steeped in sadness that wouldn’t be remiss on latter day Anathema or My Dying Bride material and is a standout on the album for me personally. Returning to the doom death parameters “Departure” has a slothful beat, purposefully slow with a crawling slithering riff right before it tangentially stops for a sublime guitar melody that is heart wrenching in tone and leads brilliantly into the lead break. Closing the album is “Forlorn” and if there was ever a song that matched its title then this is one of them, beginning with a Sabbath like drone bass riff and funereal melody skulking like a deformed entity growling the lyrics within the stifling density, which makes your skin crawl. The growling vocals work perfectly on this track, offering a gloomy and pain ridden delivery that is palpable to the point of being truly disturbing. The song is littered with hooks and varying tempos but the overall speed is one of ultra-slow melancholy for the most part. 

Few albums can really give you that unerring feeling that you’re listening to something unimaginably distraught via songs that lay a funereal bed of crushing disconsolation that Façade do so well.

Label Name: 
Self released