Exocrine - Ascension

Track Listing: 

  1. Terra
  2. Alpha (Chapter I : Exode)
  3. The Fall (Chapter I : Exode)
  4. Cryogenisation (Chapter I : Exode)
  5. Eternal Solitude (Chapter II : The Ascension)
  6. Amber (Chapter II : The Ascension)
  7. The Hive (Chapter II : The Ascension)
  8. Proceed (Chapter III : Rebirth)
  9. Garden Of Flesh (Chapter III : Rebirth)
  10. Empyre (Chapter III : Rebirth)



Exocrine is a four men combo from Bordeaux formed in 2013 and this is their second album “Ascension” released by Great Dane Records, in 2015 the first album “Unreal Existence” already got excellent reviews, and that is because Exocrine is an excellent band, with excellent music. The way of their approach is technical death metal in the wave of masters like Obscura, Decrepit Birth, Psycroptic or Necrophagist, and of course a touch of progressive metal, even some times you could smell Pestilence. And in their strongest parts they are like some brutal bands, Exocrine is a band with many technical influences, and they have gotten perfectly.

The album is a three chapter folder, and every chapter has three songs, with a single song 'Terra' that opens properly the experience, with influences that can remind from Cynic to Brain Drill, yes, that is the amplitude of this fantastic band. After this we can listen to the first chapter: 'Exode' that has three parts: 'Alpha', 'The Fall' and 'Cryogenisation', where the progressive music and experimentation are a fact, but always within technical death metal. 

The second chapter is 'The Ascension', and has also three parts: 'Eternal Solitude', 'Amber' and 'The Hive', where the demonstration of how to play perfectly continues. I think is not necessary to talk about the incredible solos and bass lines, or the chain of riffs, or the drumming, listen to those fast bassdrums and snare. 

The third chapter is 'Rebirth', and the three parts are: 'Proceed (intro)', 'Garden Of Flesh' and 'Empyre'. Only have to do is listen and enjoy, maybe this third chapter is a little more experimental, in the parametres of the style of Exocrine, and this is a good thing. Of course the sound and production are perfect, and the artwork is in the line of  brutal death metal bands of this moment. Well, my friends, we have another band to follow closely and this is an album to enjoy. Get it!

Label Name: 
Great Dane Recordsds