Evoke Thy Lords - Drunken Tales

Drunken Tales
Track Listing: 
  1. Routine Of Life
  2. Dirty Games
  3. Down The Drain
  4. Dregs
  5. Cause Follows Effect




It isn't very often that begrudging doom metal seems a glimmering light in a sea of dime-a-dozen growling, slow tempo groups, but sometimes a light shines. Evoke Thy Lords is a welcome addition to the Solitude Production doom and gloom rep. as they unleash their second full length album entitled "Drunken Tales". This group has been through the phases a bit, stating gothic, touching on stoner, and now delving into death metal while touching on previous influences. For those not used to doom metal, the music is epic, slightly repetitive, and focuing heavily on atmosphere. Those who think three minutes and thirty seconds is all they can stand will probably be skipping through this album a lot because many of the tracks are past seven minutes, but those who want ├ępic' will be very happy.

"Drunken Tales"  is a great listen because one can zone out and rock out to it at the same time. The riffs are rather repetitive and somewhat fuzzy (there is the sludge doom influence) when considering a nine minute epic like 'Routine Of Life' but every once in a while things shift a bit such as just the guitars being heard  3/4 of the way through the song or the solos being performed amongst the chugging haze. One thing that Evoke Thy Lords does wonderfully is include a flute that intervenes in many of the tracks. It is beautiful to hear and really sets them apart from the standard doom metal band. On the downside, the vocals- which are death growls- are very difficult to hear as they feel they were pushed into the background almost exclusively. On tracks like 'Down The Drain' they are a little clearer but mostly fans will be wondering what happened to the production. Like the third Torture Killer album, vocal quality can make or break a fan's decision, but the overall pace and sound of the album should keep all doom fans quite happy simply for the mix of guitar and flute. It is a worthy combination.

Label Name: 
Solitude Productions