EVO - Warfare

Track Listing: 

  1. Screaming At The Sea  
  2. Cemetery Dirt  
  3. Misanthropy 
  4. Pure Filth  
  5. Black 
  6. This Man Bleeds Hate 
  7. Burnt Out  
  8. Doctors Of Insanity  
  9. Carnage  (Instrumental) 
  10. Strangled  
  11. Stardust



Paul Evo aka Paul Evans comes at you with another anarchic filthy rock n roller, on high roller, no rhyme intended! Using the title of his famous work Warfare, and actually listed as a Warfare release on a major encyclopaedia website, this is kind of what you you would expect. If you heard the EVO/Algy release most recently, then this has more of a rock n roll element to it, but thoroughly dragged through the gutter filled with piss and regurgitated thunderbird. 

The opener ‘Screaming at the Sea’ is actually a narrative piece, reflective and insightful in a funny sort of way, you have to hear it, it not the reckless youth and growing old disgracefully commentary I was expecting. ‘Pure Filth’ maybe a reference to Warfare’s debut full length release, but it’s not a tribute per-say. The bass is really filthy, the comparisons to Motorhead will continue as will the slap in the face attitude of past material and incidents, but it kind of does it all justice. There’s a couple of guest musicians in the frame on the album too. Anvil’s Lips serves his axe wielding talents as does the legend Fast Eddie Clarke and former UFO/The Damned bassist Paul Gray. It all adds to the mix. ‘Burnt Out’ feels a touch like The Damned in places with ‘Doctors of Insanity’ following hot on its heels.  

Critically there’s nothing short of what you would expect on this release. No real curveballs or stand out moments, it’s all in the same razor slashed metal/punk/rock n roll vein, albeit a tad slower here and there than previous efforts. Good for a beer session, completely sober, well, you may well find yourself wandering.

Label Name: 
High Roller Records