Entrench - Violent Procreation

Violent Procreation
Track Listing: 

  1. One With Agony 
  2. Those Who Exceed  
  3. Adjust To Summit 
  4. Chemical Holocaust / The Mental Wasteland  
  5. Devoid Of Life  
  6. Calm The Urge  
  7. The Process Of Annihilation  
  8. Senseless Slaughter  
  9. Apathetic Existence



This is Sweden’s Entrench, a death/thrash assault on their second full length album. Raw, gritty death/thrash is nothing new in Europe and there are only a few bands out there that pull this off with ease. These gents really hit the nail on the head when it comes to sounding like early Sodom, Kreator, Sadus etc… the lyrical theme is generally devastation and when performed at such high octane speeds as this is, the results are startling, but there isn’t too much that sets each track apart from the next or previous bar some minor tempo changes from time to time. 

‘Those Who Exceed’ and ‘Chemical Holocaust/The Mental Wasteland’ are my personal highlights, subtle touches make a difference on these tracks that haunt you and raise the dead with their harsh attitude to an often busy genre. The whole release concentrates on a full band performance rather than have any stand out guitar pieces, there is certainly no virtuosity! It did take a long time to grow on me this, listens are well into double figures, for me it’s just not that different, there is a lot of this about and is there any difference between artist 1 and artist 2, well the jury is out on that for me, but don’t get me wrong, this is an enjoyable annihilation of musical devastation. 

It’s raw, brutal and a little chaotic, but if you spend a lot more time with this release, then I am sure you will be fist pumping and thrashing around the place as if you were listening to Teutonic thrash in the mid-80’s. As raw as it is, there is a touch of finesse about the recording and the arrangements.

Label Name: 
War Anthem Records