Enraged - It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power

It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power
Track Listing: 
  1. Confabulated To Defile
  2. Confusion
  3. Global Conspiracy/Invisible Oppressors
  4. Dictated By Misanthrophy Pt. II
  5. Below The Surface
  6. Tribulations Climax
  7. Intolerable Misconduct
  8. Respice Finem
  9. The Cleansing





Sitting my ass under the Christmas tree, with my shotgun placed in my fireplace's chimney and just waiting for Santa Claus's fat ass to appear, I said, what the hell? Let's listen to Enraged's new album! With all those Christmas carol shit still ringing in my head, their new 2012 release, 'It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power', came as a salvation to my ears!! Oh how sweet did their blastbeats touch my delicate musical sense! I almost felt reborn in the beautiful valley of the extreme, hehe. 

And that led me to three basic conclusions: I hate christmas, I'm never gonna be a poet, the Enraged album is a little killer! I bet the two first ones are the ones you don't give a crap about, so let's focus on the third conclusion! And yes this quartet from the Netherlands have finally released their first full length in age 2012 when their actual date of birth tells us 1999. A debut album that succeeds a mini CD, a demo and a promo. Not much but everything executed in great quality! Their new shit spits all the quality and rage gathered all these years right in your face. So let me be more specific. Enraged is what I would call a melodic extreme death metal band that is very far from being gay! Their definition on what sort of music they play is 'Postmodern Hyper Death'. They claim their act to be 'Cold and contemptuous fury in its most extreme way. Aggression without boundaries translated into extreme and intense death metal, coinciding with lyrics pinpointing at all the despicable treason that the human race is responsible for'. Got it lads? 

Anyone who grinned at the sight of the word melodic in their definition term will bite his teeth when he listens to this! An album full of extremity combined with more melodic leads and solos! A fully modern aspect on the death metal genre! Enraged tend to express themselves taking the extreme out of everything they want to express! So you can imagine that in this album you will listen to a lot of blastbeats and thrashy rhythms, along with itchy-melodic interleaves that have the effect of salt has to an open wound! 'It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power' is a chromatic escalation of fear and wrath. From its breeding to its most outrageous burst! Leaving emotions aside, and trying to concentrate on more technical details, we'll only find out that those Dutch heartbreakers have are fine and skilled musicians, and their performance on this album couldn't be less than top. The song structures are awesome with solos and leads following the lead of crazy blastbeat moments and a singer that shrieks relentlessly. Add a great production and some spicy samples to all this hell and I believe you will have a pretty good image of what will happen to you when you purchase this ghastly piece of anger! It is one of the very few moments in life where you find yourself unaware of how the last 45 minutes passed so quick. Give it a shot lads. See if your bones can take it!


Label Name: 
Self released