Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With

Wrong One To Fuck With
Track Listing: 

  1. Fixated On Devastation
  2. Panic Amongst The Herd
  3. Die With Integrity
  4. Reveling In The Abyss
  5. Seething With Disdain
  6. Ideological Subjugation
  7. Weaken The Structure
  8. Fallacy
  9. Unmitigated Detestation
  10. Wrong One To Fuck With



Maryland's finest is back. The Sean Beasley era seems to be finding its way back to those who rushed to dig a grave for them, after War of Attrition. Many ones nagging about how Jason Netheron should never have left and yada yada. Two things are for sure. Number one: Jason Netheron era is my personal favorite in Dying Fetus. Number two: Fetus is the wrong band to fuck with. 

Indeed. The first spin will prove my point. A super technical sweep shit, from the ones Fetus luv to ferment their music with, and then there come the grooves. Man those grooves. Dying Fetus is the band that has its own term when it comes to groove. They don't do it like any other band. Drums keep on the regular 4/4 beat while the guitars groove kind of pulling back, giving the beat super dynamics. And then this all changes to a frenzied blast beat. Crazy, swirling riffs followed by a rock solid bass guitar, all building under a relentless and truly ferocious Trey Williams behind the kit. The album flows with a tremendous pace. Panic Amongst the Herd and the slams come and go in frenzy. The song is made for a live show. The slammy start gives its place to a frenzy blasted interleave and then back to groove again. Damn it, Dying Fetus seem to be finding their self once again here. Awesome song constructions. The only thing someone can nag about here, is the fact that the songs might be a bit too stuffed with riffs and alternations. Too much information squeezed here, and some may find that a bit too much. But what the hell man? Fetus was always about complex song constructions including blast beats and furious grooves. This album honors this tradition and on the same time it sounds awfully fresh. 'Die With Integrity', 'Seething With Disdain', 'Ideological Subjugation', 'Weaken The Structure' and you just can't stop em. Grooves upon grooves and relentless blast beats the way only Dying Fetus knows how. 

Production helps a lot of course. Loud and clear. The bass is fat and follows the guitars, making their sound look bombastic and itchy. The drums are up front without covering anything. Everything has its own special place in the final mix, forming though, a cohesive structure. The Beasley-Gallagher vocal combination found a great carpet to lay their nukes upon. And when we talk vocal nukes, we can find almost everything. Deep gutturals, growls and grunts enhance one another forming a diverse and ferocious vocal wall, that turns the already relentless music to something out of this world. The boys know how to rap, and this makes the Fetus grooves even more groovy. 

A so typical Dying Fetus album that on the same time sounds extremely fresh and aggressive. So yes, The Netheron era is for me the best era for Fetus but this one here is definitely their best so far with Beasley. Give it a try and find yourself caught in their swirl. Dying Fetus have done their best for 2017 and damn itÖI'm on their train. Brutal, groovy and relentless. Can't get any better!

Label Name: 
Relapse Records