Doomed - In My Own Abyss

In My Own Abyss
Track Listing: 

  1. Downward
  2. Alone We Stand
  3. The Ancient Path
  4. A Wall Of Your Thrones
  5. Restless
  6. Leave
  7. Ah Ty Stjep Schirokaja - Loss



This is the second release in the same year from Pierre Laube and his doom/death one man project from Germany. The sound is very atmospheric and also full of gloom. I liken this sound the Yorkshire trio (3 bands in the early 90’s – Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride). The sound and arrangements are simply what you would come to expect. There is nothing remotely different, neither enlightening nor ground breaking in what you hear. It is fair to regard the songs, especially ‘Alone We Stand’ and ‘Restless’ as being fulfilling, but in a very dank sort of expression, you feel cold, miserable and I suppose you could feel frightened. 

Marginal tempo increases here and there entice you to have a little bit of promise in your listening experience, although I think I have already covered my bases by saying you won’t feel much redemption, it is the genre’s trademark. The gruff death metal vocal sits hand in hand with a guitar doom ridden sounds that feels like the church bell sounding prior to an old medieval execution or hanging. 

Bleak and miserable is the tone of this release, dark and brooding is the delivery, this is death doom to shatter your soul, break your sanity and music that does entice much thought for the word around you. ‘In My Own Abyss’ is a perfect description for this bleak piece of music that can produce an element of soul searching, but it is a sound that you will have heard before and thus results in an average state of appreciation from time to time.  


Label Name: 
Solitude Productions