Document 6 - Das Vierte Reich

Das Vierte Reich
Track Listing: 

1. Unruhe
2. Einfang
3. Rabenstein
4. Es Wird Tote Geben
5. Tod
6. Antimensch
7. Todessehnsucht
8. Hardcore Holocaust
9. Das Ganze Land
10. Die Fürchterliche Furcht Vor Dem Fürchterlich Fürchterlichem
11. Totaler Wahnsinn
12. Pogo
13. Tag Des Ablebens
14. Untergang
15. Black Vacation
16. Grosse Liebe



Hailing from Heinsbery, Germany this is hardcore grind punk and for those not conversant… the title track means ‘The Fourth Reich’. As most of the song title and lyrics are in German, I cannot really get much feeling from this release and thus cannot comment on their content so relying purly on the music alone Document 6 do play a bloody loud racket. ‘Enfang’ (‘Capture’) uses slower hardcore mixed with a moderate pace of grind. The drums really sound awful I am sad to say and they tend to dominate te mix on most of the tracks and I tried a few different listening mediums during this review to try and graphic equalize their sound out of the mix. When the massively distorted guitars occur the drums tend to go muddy and then referring back to the guitars, there is a little too much sustain leading to note overlap time after time during chord progressions.

‘Antimensch’ loses the plot somewhat between time changes but when the music settles down into a proper hardcore pace then this rejuvenates and redeems the track, otherwise I find it a little confusing to say the least with too many core and nu-metal styled grooves in the mix. ‘Hardcore Holocaust’ as you may expect from the title holds the most consistent level playing field on the album but still results in a slightly amateurish listening experience. ‘Totaler Wahnsinn’ (‘Madness’) stands out the most from the sixteen tracks on offer, this engages in some crossover groove and then slows down the momentum during what I can only assume is Document 6’s attempt at a guitar solo. The double pace stuff, yes, this is where the action is at. For that refer to ‘Pogo’ and I feel is what the remainder of the album should be for the level of excitement that the track produces, consistent, aggressive and tight. But even on this track I find an issue with a loss of clarity in the vocal.

‘The Fourth Reich’ is an ok listen, it is quite far from perfect and thus suffers hit and miss qualities throughout therefore I would not go too far out of your way to track this down even if it does deserve half a point more.


Label Name: 
Self released