Diphenylchloroarsine - Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation

Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation
Track Listing: 

  1. Scavenging The Putrid Remains
  2. Asphyxiating On Hazardous Pollution
  3. Survival Of The Coldest
  4. Festering Fungus Infestation
  5. Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation
  6. Exaspirations Of Monstrous Miscreations
  7. Ravenous Hunger
  8. Eradication Of Human Pestilence
  9. Desolated Toxic Wasteland
  10. Bloodthirsty Feral Predators



Wear your gas masks and push the play button. Just as simple as that. It took em only a year after their single, "Festering Fungus Infestation", to make their first full length happen under the flag of Rotten Music. The extremely toxic trio from Norway/Czech Republic, have done it once again. "Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation" has covered all expectations created upon their ep of 2015 and their recent single. Large doses of slam, fermented with blast beats and great chops here and there, making the final result bulldozer heavy.

The album starts with a typical horror/majestic intro and then, 'Scavenging The Putrid Remains', slowly fades in. The guitars follow the soo typical slam palm muted chords and the rest just follows. Guttural-beastlike vocals, heavy bass guitar following the guitars and the drums, keeping the whole thing together, mostly by grooving the beats and occasionally unleashing rabid blast beat bursts. The song ends with a horror-ish outro as well, and the next one fades in. The guys have this type of horror, sci-fi aura I sooo much like. The pattern, fade in-song-outro goes all the way to the end of the album, adding points to it, as it adds a continuous flow. Kind of gets you in its swirl and lets you go 44 minutes later when it ends. Now this is a love it or hate it situation.

There are those who like their music straight forward and without all those intros and stuff, and there are those (meeee !!!) who like their shit filled with intros and samples, as if it is soundtrack to a horror movie or something. I believe Diphenylchloroarsine have managed to make the golden cut here as their samples are placed so carefully that, no one will get annoyed by their presence and of course no one will miss them as they are already there.

The songs succeed one another and it gets clear that the boys really know how to slam. I mean… Cm'on. When you got members of Kraanium (r.i.p. Martin), Fermented Masturbation and Carnal Disfigurement playin the ball, you gotta be more than certain that what you're gonna get is slam at its best. Groovy 4/4 beats most of the time, with an exquisite work on the vocal sector, and the whole production boosting the result so much, it kind of feels the floor is shaking. 8 songs, pure gold for the lovers of the genre.

The excellent gory cover artwork from Mottla, completes the package, making it a definite must have. Highly anticipated first full length from a band that knows their drill really well, and guess what. All our expectations were met and more. Job well done boys.

Label Name: 
Rotten Music