Devil In You - Show Your Hate

Show Your Hate
Track Listing: 

  1. Be Cool
  2. Flesh Lust
  3. World Killed By Hate
  4. Death And Destruction
  5. Eyes Of Despair
  6. Depressed
  7. Hell's Wind Waltz
  8. King Of Decay
  9. Lemegeton
  10. Age Of Slayers



Oldschool death metal is a genre I've barely approached, without a second opinion bands listed within this genre, for shame on me I've simply ignored them. On this situation, I've been given Spanish death metal quintet Devil In You's "Show Your Hate" album, ten tracks clocking in at a healthy thirty-five minutes. Now first off, I can't help but feel slightly sorry for Devil In You, mainly because I cannot imagine there being a wide enough audience for this style of metal. We're already living in the early twenty-first century and bands like this boggle the mind to whether they can actually gather some form of social networking success, let alone sell records.

With my point out of the way, I'll mention that I gave this album three listens. On first listen, I thought the entire album was a load of diabolical trash. Literally nothing made me want to bop my head, or boast the band out to some buddies. After a gorgeous nights sleep, I decided to give the album another spin. After my third hearing, I realised there are some really interesting highlights worth mentioning during this review. Firstly, I dig the whole slow process of the guitars, the sludge-like riffs really do sound terrific once you get your head around the album's shitty  production quality. Vocals are really low, almost gurgled - and could actually be used in a black metal band. Haunting tempos and a darkened atmospheric nightmare-ish setting begins to set the album's territory mark, and eventually this grows on the listener. If I had to pick a favourite among them, 'King Of Decay' is one of the few tracks that allows a more modern experienced feel to it, yet it blatantly still lies within the oldschool boundaries. 

Whilst "Show Your Hate" isn't something I'd personally want in my CD collection, I can certainly accept the fact there might be some people out there that would. I won't go to show my hate on the album since I'll admit I'm new to the whole oldschool following, instead the album has opened my views on the genre, and I promise to become more forgiving on the next listen of bands that follow in Devil In You's footsteps.


Label Name: 
Self Released