Cytotoxin - Gammageddon

Track Listing: 

  1. Radiatus Generis
  2. Chaos Cascade
  3. Gammageddon
  4. Chernopolis
  5. Deadzone Outpost
  6. Redefining Zenith
  7. Corium Era
  8. Antigenesis
  9. Outearthed
  10. Sector Zero



'Gammageddon' is the third album from German tech-wizards, Cytotoxin. This record instantly tops the band's previous material with a richer, more complex production. Despite 2012's 'Radiophobia' being a massive wave of refreshment in the extreme underground, 'Gammageddon' flows in similar focus, but perhaps slightly more brutal than ever before. 

Opener 'Radiatus Generis' sets the album's tone with their capable technical riffs and brutal death metal vocals in the veins of their peers, however the album is built around an almost catchy design, despite the huge complexity. "MASSIVE RADIATION DETECTED" is chanted in an eerie robotic-like voice towards the end of the track, enchanting the listener into their Chernobyl related storylines. 'Chaos Cascade' follows the guitar wizardry but the vocals become a little more interesting, as you hear vocalist Grimo's first microphone devouring pig squeal on the record, as he literally gobbles the entire recorder into his throat to produce a bullfrog-like noise, adding to the record's list of brutally awesome. 

'Chernopolis' is the longest track on the album, beginning with a build up of spiralling riffs to mesmerise, before pulverising the ear drums with the combination of growls and blast beat drumming. The breakdown towards the end of said track is the first on the album, and whilst this is most definitely not a core record, it only adds to the intensity. Creeky floorboard vocals are echoed across the breakdown, erupting into the final minute, revealing a more melodic pace for the band's art. 

'Redefining Zenith' becomes a stand-out track with their guest appearance of Sven from Aborted. An idol in the death metal world who fulfils his task, using his unique vocals to impress those who are not familiar. 'Outearthed' is probably the track that grasped my attention most. As one of the ending songs it isn't wasted or considered filler. There's a groove atmosphere buried beneath the structure that occasionally weeps out. The pig squeals are speedy and ferocious but minus these vocal styles and we have a Beneath The Massacre sibling. 

'Gammageddon' is an impressive third release, and was definitely worth the five year wait, despite some fans begging out of impatience. Whilst the hunger has now been satisfied, there's still plenty to digest from this record that you probably missed on first listens, and the riff complexity is mainly to thank. Using several styles of metal to create one extreme release is what Cytotoxin have mastered. Your ears will devour the complicated riffs that are full of structure, the wildest vocal range in the world of death metal, hints of slamming brutality, and some of the best production you'll hear this year. This is an album that will introduce you into a more diverse metal realm, and has become a true highlight of the year so far. 

Label Name: 
Unique Leader Records