Cloud Rat - Moksha

Track Listing: 

1. Inkblot
2. Aroma
3. Corner Space
4. Olympia
5. Peer To Peer
6. Widowmaker
7. Infinity Chasm
8. Inimitable Sea
9. Daunting Daughters
10. Casse
11. The Needle And The Damage Done
12. Vigil
13. Moksha



This American grindcore band are full of angst, energy and pretty mad vocals, throw in a d-beat every now and again and ‘Inkblot’ duly delivers on the first track. After the initial excitement, the remainder of the track goes a little weird, off the wall especially as the vocal melody untraditionally doesn’t really match the music’s melody. Without any clear distinction the second track ‘Aroma’ follows in quick succession. Screaming into its own world of often sludgy hardcore and when it picks up the pace again, a sense of relief comes over you although I do stand strong in my thinking that the vocals are the weakest link in this band.

Continuing with more sludgy styled aggression, say that of Today is the Day, this influence is incorporated into ‘Corner Space’, a space reserved for die hard Mistress fans, especially the UK bands early material and demonstrated on ‘Widowmaker’. ‘Moksha’ is one for the true mentalists or extremists but it lacks a certain character to bring you anything else other than a high wall of noise. I do like the sludgy stylings that Cloud Rat incorporate, however, that is not something that is well placed to battle the misgings of their lack of cohesion to that of little more than a casual listening experience. This final track and in fact the whole release is disturbing and when you relate this to their lyrical themes of women’s rights and violence, well this opens up a whole new can of worms. But crucially when it tries to redress the balance, the songs don’t have enough appeal to drag it above that aforementioned casual one night stand experience.

Label Name: 
Halo Of Flies