Chton - The Devil Builds

The Devil Builds
Track Listing: 
  1. Faustian Resolve
  2. Scavenger Of A Dead World
  3. Gods Of the Flesh
  4. Rise Black God
  5. Death Awaits
  6. Contagion (The Disease)
  7. Lord And Master
  8. Nithon Undertow
  9. Ratbag
  10. Babalon And The Beast Conjured





Whilst the underground death metal scene is currently a force to be reckoned with, heavily populated by up and coming bands that submit to their masters in the higher ranked classes. It would seem Norwegian's Chton are on the hunt for success, and what better way to look for it than with the release of their brand new spanking album 'The Devil Builds'. The question at hand is what does the devil build? Evil music? If so, then this band will most definitely have the devil's permission to have this album as the soundtrack to hell. 

Instrumentally, this record is great. The riffs spiral out of control, melodically, preventing the songs from becoming too much of a messy structure. The drumming is also a highlight here, with such a crisp production that anyone would be proud of. It isn't clear whether there's a bassist about...but then again this is death metal so you can't always detect him. 

The only downfall about 'The Devil Builds' is the vocals that tend to grow weak in contrast to other death metal bands out there. There's a really bland feel to them, and pretty much every track sounds repetitive because of this vocal style. If the vocals were a sandwich filling - they'd be a typical, boring cheese. Yet to some cheese could be a favourite filling, and cheese comes in many different types. So altogether it's a matter of personal opinion, but It does create a certain boredom for the album's presence as the tracks continue. 

There's no need to be calling the RAC here because there is no initial breakdowns, no trendy alternatives, just pure demonic death metal at it's most evil format. The sample clips on the album are all religious - with speeches from what sounds like churches, but it is unclear whether Chton are a religious band, or an anti-religious band...I suppose if I happened to google the lyrics I could find my answer to this question, but I find the suspense a somewhat thrilling topic of not knowing the already unknown. 

The song 'Ratbag' ceases to be the ultimate stand-out track of them all, this is because it doesn't sound like any of the others. For one, it's shorter, faster, and the vocals sound more thrashy - I'm pretty sure it could even be someone else singing? 'Babalon And The Beast Cojured' is also another favourite from the list - proving it's absolute demonising powerful array of satanic-styled, menacing drum and riff combination - pretty much enforcing this to become the most brutal track on the entire record. Give this song a listen, and If you enjoy what you're hearing then I recommend you the entire album. Although the album as a whole isn't breaking any death metal boundaries - it certainly does keep the death metal scene alive and breathing, enough to keep you hungry for more.


Label Name: 
Godeater Records