Bode Preto - Mystic Massacre

Mystic Massacre
Track Listing: 

  1. Intro
  2. Deep Reality
  3. Dark Obsession
  4. Maze Of Mirrors
  5. Mystic Massacre
  6. Dirty Honey
  7. Absurds Of Violence
  8. Unknown Woman
  9. Wraith_The Stage And The Meadow
  10. Seizures Of Fear
  11. Parade
  12. Feet Of Clay
  13. Lethargy
  14. Outro



While being touted as a black metal band I personally would have called Bode Preto a death metal band with a black metal finish, much in the vein of Angelcorpse. “Mystic Massacre” also has a punk feeling to it. Regardless of genre titles all you need to know is this album is fast, abrasive, energetic half hour. All the songs are nice and short and pull no punches.

The main charm this album has is its rawness; it has a brilliant live sound. You can picture the band blasting through this set in either a rehearsal space or a live gig. 

There’s really no need to drag this out this is half hour of black metal flavored old school death metal with a punk edge. It kicks you in the teeth from the opening chords and continues to kick them for the whole album! 

The artwork is pretty cool too!

Label Name: 
Self released