Bloodride - Crowned In Hell

Crowned In Hell
Track Listing: 

1. There Will Be Blood
2. March of the Dead
3. Straight from Hell
4. Slave of Evil
5. Cain
6. Demon’s Way
7. God
8. Promised
9. Thrown Into Darkness (Unholy War)


Finland does not really have that many notable thrash bands that I can think of, Bloodride features the ex-Guitarist of Sentenced (Live) and Maple Cross, giving birth to traditional US styled thrash is very much the order of business as soon as the opening intro starts to play, but thankfully not a pure copycat. Yes it is thrash, but not a pure tribute, if you would like the pleasure of encountering this hybrid Bay Area rhythm and German raspy vocal lines, then this is for you. Some guitar melodies have a lot of influence gleamed from the recent British scene, and I hear some Evile in some places. One cannot deny, this is tight, this is proficient and this is a monolith release for any old or young thrasher out there.

Mixing with the aggression is a melodic guitar serenade, ‘Straight from Hell’ does not let you forget this but it also has one or two perfect head banging opportunities of the mid-paced thrash-o-holic infecting your mind whilst whole heartedly delivering the necessary goods. ‘Slave of Evil’ is rather a heavy proposition, the fretboard pull-offs and movement make appreciation so easy to give, ‘Cain’ goes into pure modern day Kreator worship, there is a little tantrum present during ‘Demon’s Way’, echoing many past masters, and still Bloodride retain that certain element of variance, unlike some bands I could mention.

The album production is a powerhouse of bass, crunch, and rasp, highlighting the perfect marriage of raw delivery through practiced song writing. The thrash bible has already been written, this album puts some of the big names to shame. Meat and potatoes thrash it is not, ‘Crowned in Hell’ is entertainment, there are riffs, time changes, energetic speed gauntlets embarked upon and wonderful mid-paced neck breaking moments to contend with, ‘Crowned in Hell’ all the hallmarks of a classic thrash release, from which I can hereby conclude, this is what you have here.

Label Name: 
Violent Journey Records