Bleed The Freaks - All Is Lost

All Is Lost
Track Listing: 

1. All Is Lost
2. Blind Eye
3. In The Gutter
4. Scarred
5. Crush My Grove
6. Dumptruck
7. Torn Between
8. Broken



Bleed The Freaks is a Groove Rock band that sits right along the fine line of enjoyable, mid paced music with shots of aggression that will appeal to the heavier/ louder music crowd. One could consider their debut album 'All Is Lost' a mix between recent Throwdown and a more popular, mainstream group like Alter Bridge, but with a bit more of a melodic edge. Vocalist Will Rule- the former singer of Tyrant Sin, which was pre-Cannibal Corpse- presents a very strong sound to the album that isn't typical for most Rock based albums. His voice sometimes sounds almost like it could fit in a Power Metal album when considering a song like "Crush My Grove" but there are times when the vocals just evolve into this hard, crunching snarl and while at the other edge of the spectrum, provides nice contrast. The riffs are usually simplistic but catchy, performed by Mike Edwards (of Misery) and Zak Edwardz... at least until the solo comes blazing in. Other tracks like "Dumptruck" are one of the heavier tracks that merge a bit of Thrash in to increase the pace of the music; this is what will appeal to the Heavy Metal fans. Even the drums- performed by Kenny Urea- and bass- performed by Jamey Knight- which seemed somewhat simple on previous tracks, are more lively. Of course, the sound can be so thick and synchronized at times it is understandable how the bass and drums can be lost in music like this.

The band also does a good job at using all the members to contribute something important. The group vocals during a track like "All Is Lost" brings a nice, brutal harmony to the music; it doesn't feel one sided like two people are getting all the attention or focus. Other tracks like "Torn Between" bounce between softer melody lines and the heavier, cohesive chugging, but still everyone can be heard properly without an issue at all. The diversity in this track will probably make it the highlight of the album for most listeners as it bounces between rapid chugging and slower, single picked string moments. True, there are some moments here that tend to throw off the focus of the music, such as the sample recording of a toilet being flushed at the end of "Gutter," but it is a small price to pay for the rather heavy, enjoyable music presented on this disc altogether. It isn't quite hard enough be something that would fit with someone who is a Metal purist, but it still presents a solid effort for a debut album that shows Bleed The Freaks isn't being lazy about their work.

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World Class Artists