Beheaded – Beast Incarnate

Beast Incarnate
Track Listing: 

  1. Beast Incarnate
  2. The Horror Breathes
  3. Crossing The House Of Knives
  4. Reign Of The Headless King
  5. The Black Death
  6. Cursed Mediterranean
  7. Fid-Dlam Ta' Dejjem
  8. Punishment Of The Grave



Malta’s merchants of brutality Beheaded are back with their fifth album. Their second with vocalist Frank Calleja and new guitarist Simone Brigo and drummer Davide Billia make their debuts with the band. 

The album explodes into life with the catchy and instantly memorable title track; it kicks things off on a good note as the band ploughs through tracks that bring together all the elements of a great death metal album. It has the brutality, the technicality, the atmosphere and it finds a nice balance so it never goes too far in any direction and looses itself. 

The first half of the album keeps things fast paced as the band swing somewhere between the relentlessness of Suffocation and the technical efficiency of Decapitated. When 'The Black Death' kicks in things start to get mixed up. This is a highlight of the album it builds on atmosphere and is slower in parts but focuses more on groove when things kick in. It has this awesome little high note break at the end of its main riff that brings to mind old Machine Head it ties things up brilliantly. 'Cursed Mediterranean' also has a classic Morbid Angel or Nile feel to it. 

All in all this is a highly enjoyable modern death metal album. Superbly executed and a great way to start the year.

Label Name: 
Unique Leader Records