Beast - Thrash Metal Propaganda

Thrash Metal Propaganda
Track Listing: 

1. Toxic Wastes
2. One Body, Two Bags
3. Black Death
4. Thrash Metal Holocaust
5. Blood Upon The Snow



This Spanish band may not leave any doubt in your mind as their musical style, and if you are not sure…yes it’s thrash. More akin to Tankard than anything else I do find it difficult to relish some bands material in the current climate merely for the fact that ideas are simply a little saturated and tried and tested. Adding to the mix a little east coast US crossover enables a gentle additional spark of excitement to what is very much a collection of tracks that are merely more of the same in this particular genre.

Perhaps being over critical, I should point out ‘Black Death’ as having that spark of excitement, the intro has a similar charisma to Metallica’s ‘Seek & Destroy’, that being the melody, you could hear yourself singing that bands tune here. On other areas of the release, the drums are really thin that leads to a few less pointers to take note of in terms of appeal but the sound further investigates something that hasn’t been heard by myself anyway in a while. I think it was Green Jelly and their ‘Serial Killer’ release that packed a similar punch and that is not necessarily a compliment., there is a punch missing, something is needed to kick you in the arse and I don’t find it here.

That said ‘Thrash Metal Holocaust’ has a little more bite, a bit more soul certainly kicking the vibrancy required into a dull sense of action that means this “beast” has finally got something and finally bites back. Surprising is the closer ‘Blood Upon the Snow’ that beings nice and acoustic, an instrumental sustaining a nice melody; I was half expecting a rapid punch in the face and trademark song writing to go into the speedier category on this but no, you should not judge every band by its branding or indeed the song title.

This is a very short release that does not have enough material or content to really give a value for money impression of the band, the tracks that are on offer are rather predictable and leave me feeling unfulfilled like eating at a fancy expensive Michelin star restaurant and being served tiny platters of food with no real change of banishing your hunger pains, this EP requires something more, something fresh.

Label Name: 
Self Released