Autumns Eyes - Surrender The Fire

Surrender The Fire
Track Listing: 

1. Greedy Demon Parasites
2. Empty Bliss
3. Whats Left Of Flesh
4. Feast Of The Dead
5. Mourning Palace (cover Dimmu Borgir)


Autumns Eyes is a one-man band hailing from New England, Connecticut. Dan, the man behind this project, launched his newest release to unleash the flames of hell and last but not least for you listening pleasure. This well produced MCD contains about 28 minutes of symphonic and melodic Black Metal with a few keyboard passages. All songs seem to be carefully arranged and credible. The music itself is interesting, sounds fresh at any time and combines the best characteristics of melodic parts and more angry stuff like blastbeats or a cold atmosphere. Dan´s vocals vary from a pretty harsh style to deeper growling, which adds more versatility to the Autumns Eyes sound. The Dimmu Borgir cover “Mourning Palace” is a nice addition to this cool release and when it comes to quality it´s equal to the original source. So the result is a surprising and independent MCD with lots of great ideas and elements to discover. Autumns Eyes is definitely worth to be checked out if you like gloomy and melodic Black Metal. (review by Alex)