Autumns Eyes - Please Deceive Me

Please Deceive Me
Track Listing: 
  1. Ichabod
  2. Blood In The Woods
  3. Anxiety Spiders
  4. Please Deceive Me
  5. So Close To Shadow
  6. Pangea
  7. Cobwebs And Crosses
  8. Red Wine And Resin
  9. Haunting Your Daughter
  10. The Wooded Road


For those who have followed the one man act known as Autumns Eyes from the U.S., they may be surprised to hear that Dan- singer, instrumentalist, composer- has changed things up quite a bit for this special Halloween release. More of a darker concept album than usual, almost all of the Melodic Death Metal elements have been thrown out as far as the snarls and growls go; instead a more Gothic Metal tinged singing has come about. It was something that was always featured on previous albums, but with 'Please Deceive Me,' they are very prevalent here. However, this is not a bad thing as they suit the entire atmosphere of the album completely. The music is fantastic- plenty of keyboards with eerie chimes such as on "Haunting Your Daughter" without sounding cheesy, grinding Hard Rock guitars on "Ichabod" mixed with electronics and highly slow melodic solos that would remind fans of groups like Darkseed, and overall just something fresh for listeners to enjoy.

While there are not as many epics present as there are in the past, Autumns Eyes tosses in a lot more instrumentals to break up the album. "Anxiety Spiders" is a looping synth piece backed by faded but effective female singing that definitely brings out the Darkwave elements in the music. "Pangea" is more of a symphonic effort with choirs, percussion, and overall a very Doom oriented atmosphere that strays away from the usual Gothic Rock melodies. And then there is the "Red Wine And Resin" which uses the horror carnival keyboards along with spoken word samples to really bring out the whole 'haunted house' atmosphere that Dan tried to create with this album. Overall, this chilling effort is quite fun and may be a bit of a letdown for the diehard fans who were expecting melodic, furious Death Metal tinged with Gothic Metal elements. But like King Diamond and his rare moments of horror masterpieces like 'Abigail II: The Revenge,' perhaps Autumns eyes should be appreciated for having a stroke of genius every once in a while. Definitely meant for fans who like the darker side of music with a bit of fun involved as opposed to serious, grinding Metal.


Label Name: 
Self released